Peace + Pleasure on the Silk Sea

The Crystal Ships

New Courses for Early 2016
The Crystal Ships
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Crystal Cruises

It’s a tale of two love boats!

Crystal Cruises, California’s finest global ocean pleasure fleet, will enjoy East-West synergy on the South China Sea with Hong Kong Genting characteristics.

Earlier this year, Genting Hong Kong acquired Crystal Cruises luxury liners for US$ 550 million.

Now, the two are matching their expertise for an exciting year of cruising. They’ll start testing the waters with voyages in early 2016.

One of the earliest sailings to the South China Sea commences on February 29, 2016 with the Malaysian Mystique tour.

It breaks from Bali with a highlight trip to blissful Borobudur. From there, it graces destinations in Malaysia. From bustling Kuala Lumpur to laid-back Langkawi, it will drop the disembark anchor in Singapore on March 12.

A shorter version of this cruise finishes off on March 6 at Port Kelang, Malaysia .

Imagining Indochine

Leaving Singapore on March 12, Crystal Cruises sets sail for Ho Chi Minh City with their Indochine Reflections

Stopovers include Koh Samui Island and Bangkok, Thailand, as well as Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Final call is Ho Chi Minh City on March 20.

Adventurous souls can carry on for another leg of the trip north from Ho Chi Minh to Shanghai—with port stops in Chan May and Hanoi Vietnam, then Hong Kong and Xiamen

And that’s just the early spring sets. Stay tuned for more news of their summer, autumn, and winter sailings. Bon Voyage Crystal!