Peace + Pleasure on the Silk Sea

Cambodia Brew

Enjoying crabs and Khmer booze
Crabs and Cambodia beer pure and perfect
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Christopher Cottrell

The crab-meat falls off the shell as I shuck it. My mates from Cambodia, Australia, and Russia raise bottles of Cambodia beer and clink them as we toast this feast.

What a meal it is—heaps of local crabs steamed to perfection. Small, sweet, and succulent crabs, so incredibly fresh. Plus fried rice and noodles.

We’re along a beach area in the Kep region of Cambodia and I am contemplating a longer stay here. Not only is the shore lined with fine crab and fish restaurants, they serve a premium light ale called “Cambodia Beer.”

There are many Khmer boozes to be found from here up the coast to Sihanoukville. And I’m just getting started.

It tastes mildly hoppy with a very light almost creamy finish. In fact, this light pale ale reminds me of Tsingdao but seems to have more punch to it. We’ll see.

After all, there are scores of delightful eateries in Kep—and I plan on seeking them out one cracked crab leg at a time in the months to come. Over cold Cambodia brew, naturally.

Cool Crab Shack:

The Democrat Cambodia

Three Decent Kep Stays:

Mealea Resort

Samanea Beach Resort

Veranda Natural Eco Resort