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Candles for King Bhumibol

Great Thai Monarch Passes, 1927-2016
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Christopher Cottrell


My heart goes out tonight to the people of Thailand with the passing of your beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Like many people from around the world who have traveled to your beautiful country, I have been blessed by your hospitality and incredible culture.

When I first moved to Asia in 1997, it was to Thailand. There I witnessed the Asian Financial Crisis my first week. I witnessed the resilience of the Thai people then, and I have continued to do so for the past 19-years.

For nearly two decades, I have come and stayed in your homes, your hotels, swam in your seas, danced and dreamed on your beaches, wandered your jungles, relished your culinary culture, and marveled at your wildlife. I look forward to coming back next week to continue to do so.

Two years ago, I arrived in Thailand and had the joy of celebrating King Bhumibol’s 87th birthday along Khao San Road. There, I was given free food and drinks by generous Thai people. I burned candles alongside you to honor your King. Like many people who love Thailand, I stand alongside you now.

In the coming days as you mourn your grand monarch, I wish you continued peace.


Christopher Cottrell
South China Sea Magazine