Peace + Pleasure on the Silk Sea

Dream Cruises Flagship

Genting Super Ship Bound for Guangzhou!
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Genting Hong Kong

The dream has begun! And it’s sailing to China!

Hong Kong Genting’s gargantuan liner the “Genting Dream” hoisted anchor on October 12, 2016 at construction shipyards in Germany and is now sailing for Guangzhou, China, following a handover ceremony.

With over 20-years in the Asian luxury cruise world, Genting Hong Kong’s “Genting Dream” is part of their Dream Cruises concepts. It is the first ever ship designed specifically for the high-end China market with va-va-voom volume and more 2,000 crew! Over 70 percent of the state-rooms feature private balconies. It has over 100 connecting rooms for families or parties. There are two floors of lavish suites known as the Dream Palace with European butler services.

The Dream Cruises concept aims to meet an “emerging generation” of, “confident, independently-minded and affluent Asian travellers,” according to Genting. They add that Dream Cruises, “Will offer its guests inspirational luxury, which is Asian at heart and international in spirit.”

From Germany, it will sail under the Bahamas flag to Gibraltar and across the mighty Mediterranean to the Suez Canal. From the Red Sea, it is on to India and the Indian Ocean to Singapore to the “Silk Sea.” Once on the South China Sea, it will sail north to Vietnam and Hong Kong and into the mouth of the Pearl River—going deep delta up to Guangzhou’s Nansha Cruise Terminal on November 13, 2016, its home port.

With its' flag now raised, the dream has not only just begun, it is wide awake!