Peace + Pleasure on the Silk Sea

Finding Nemo

Oceanemo 55m's Master Penthouse and Pleasure Hangar
Photo Credits: 
OCEA Yachts

The master’s chamber is a virtual penthouse. At 65 square meters, the opulent apartment aboard the Oceanemo 55m is one of the biggest of its kind for a sports yacht. One can hand tailor it for a giant bathroom or dedicate more room to the kitchen.

Debuting at the October 2016 Monaco Yacht show, the Oceanemo 55m’s apartment is part of six decks of stunning style. The heart of the ship is its hangar with 105 sq meters of cover and a 130 sq meter raised deck. From mini-submarines to jet skis to fishing boats to water slides, the hangar is designed for serious water-play. It can accommodate a luxury car, SUV, or hovercraft. It can even hold a helicopter or small sea-plane with folding wings! The stern sports a 45 sq meter beach area, with additional 42 sq meters of covered veranda for shade or privacy. Owners can specify how many cabins and their size—but up to five is the average.

Whichever way one wants their Oceanemo, they can be sure to find it.