Peace + Pleasure on the Silk Sea

Gem Beaches

Genting Dream’s Hong Kong to Okinawa May-June Fun
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Okinawa Story

Hoisting anchor on May 5 with regular five day cruises through June 16, 2017, the Genting Dream is breaking for the white sandy beaches of Okinawa.

Leaving from Hong Kong with staff clad in Kimono, the “Island Gems of Japan” experience immerses guests with Okinawan food, dance, music, art, bazaars, and parties. Off deck, guests get access to pristine beaches, local shops and entertainment, and world heritage. From snorkeling to scuba to submarines, the Genting Dream is taking its guests into the Okinawa deep for the finest natural and cultural experiences.

The mother of all voyages on this tour is the May 14 to 19 Mother’s Day special. Karaoke Queens can queue up for singing competitions, while Daddy King Tritons can tipple with Awamori wine tastings.

Activities for children and families have been woven into the fabric of this series of voyages.

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