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Italian Armada

Azimut Benetti to Dominate in 2018
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Azimut Benetti

Boating International magazine’s Global Order Book 2018 has touted Azimut Benetti Group yachts as among the top big boat builders—for ships over 24 metres!

Proudly Italian, Azimut Benetti’s creativity, design, and over 77-ongoing projects make them among the finest to watch among the world’s 20 top boat makers in the coming year, according to the Global Book Order 2018.

With 2016-2017 production projects valued at €710 million, they will continue to push the envelope of luxury yachts using carbon fiber and their technical partnership with Rolls Royce for-edgy propulsion systems. That means fast and sleeker, fuel efficient vessels for the high seas.

Paolo Vitelli, Azimut Benetti Group President and founder, says, “Such long-lasting success can only spring from consistency and continuity fed by ongoing work to develop and improve products and production processes, by project excellence, and by the industrial and financial soundness of our shipyards.”

Giovanna Vitelli, Azimut Benetti Group Vice President, comments, “For us, Italian Style isn’t just a question of taste, but more an approach to work. We are proud to have achieved such a prestigious milestone for the 18th time running and proud to be an expression of that successful Italian entrepreneurial spirit which is appreciated the world over. It is a business culture nurtured by a set of essential assets, including ongoing reinvestment of profits to fuel growth, respect for the company’s people and partners, and the possibility of working with a medium to long-term vision of the business.”

In short order, Azimut Benetti is currently at the head of the global yacht regatta—but there are 19 closer companies sailing for their lead.