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Safe Harbour Statement

Singapore Cruise Cetnre is ISO Ship-Shape!
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SIngapore Cruise Centre

Asian cruise lovers know well how ship-shape things are at the Singapore Cruise Centre (SCC).

Now, they’re even more ship-shape with the International Standards Organisation (IS0) giving them a blessing for their management systems upgrade. That might sound boring. But it means even higher-quality cruise experiences with optimal safety in Singapore. They’re the first in Asia to meet these new stringent standards.

The ISO are global standard bearers for measuring product and services safety, from energy management to medical devices. And safe port facilities. Commented SCC’s CEO Christina Siaw, “SCC is always keeping ahead to meet our customers’ needs. We started preparing for the transition to the new standards since it was first announced in May last year before our successful certification this year.”

She continued, “At the heart of our efforts to meet ISO’s higher standards whether in operations or management, is the customer experience. At SCC, we are always striving to ensure that our customers are well pleased with our service and facilities, and towards that end, we invest considerable amount of resources in training and development, and infrastructure upgrade.”

This go-to attitude helps explains why the SCC was “Asia’s Leading Cruise Port” for the fourth consecutive year in November last year by the London based World Travel Awards. And why this winter’s rush of cruise-ships into Singapore can anchor away with extra ease and safety.

Now that’s a safe harbour statement….