Peace + Pleasure on the Silk Sea

Shenzhen Endless Summer

DJ Dawn Busters Beach Blast in an SEZ
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Christopher Cottrell

It’s a Shenzhen beach spot secret—and its endless!

On July 8 and 9th, a fiery DJ line up greets Xichong Beach at the "Secret Spot Café." DJ’s include: Dante, Andre, Sophistakid, Leevo, D-Fighter, Marii, Malyarov, CEO (vinyl set), Slim Buddah, Metafred, Sam Lai, Quest, and Yunus.

There’s an open craft beer bar for RMB 200 from 8pm ‘till midnight. RMB 100 gets you four craft beers or five shots. Mixed cocktails go for RMB 50-70.

They also feature American barbecue, Pizza and breakfast menus, and can arrange discount accommodation through: WeChat bebe868

RMB 120 tickets get guest round-trip bus rides from the “Shopping Park” Metro Station exit D.

Expect to enjoy endless DJ and drink fueled gyrations—until the dawn of July 10th at least…

You can get details from Zora: 18306664474 or e-mail