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Zero for Winter Spice

Warm Up In Hong Kong with Peppery Pizzas and Cocktails
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Cafe Deco Group

Spice up your winter in Hong Kong with a bevy of peppery food and drinks. That’s right—from the mind of Executive Chef Zero Yu comes spicy cocktails to match a tongue torturing menu. Mainly inferno hot pizzas—such as the Sichuan Pepper & Preserved Lemon Ginger Tomato Sauce pizza. Or Thai spicy Kra-Paw pizza with lemon grass, Korean Style Sun-dried Fish with kimchi, and Mexican Spicy Grilled Prawn pizza.

To cool the food flames you can fight fire with fire. Zero Restaruant Manager & Mixologist Kidd Wong, author of the book "Language of Cocktail"《說雞尾酒的語言》, has several mouth-watering tequila elixirs such as the Mexican Margarita with Jalapeño slices in tequila, triple sec, lemon juice and lime juice. He’s also blended up the Ginger Mulled Cider with tequila, lemon ginger, gin, and hot cider with a dollop topping of whipped cream. The Yuzi Guava Tequila uses Korean yuzu sauce, pink guava purée and grapefruit juice with potent agave for proper punch.

In sum, some like it hot. But Zero loves it.

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