Peace + Pleasure on the Silk Sea

Family Oyster

One For All, and All for One
Oyster 475 making waves on the high seas
Photo Credits: 
Oyster Marine

The Oytser 475 is a pure family sailboat. At 15 meters in maximum length, this “best-in-class” ship is sleek, powerful and spacious.

Families, and friends aboard, will no doubt enjoy the inviting aft deck area. It is adjacent the bathing platform, and certain to make a splash for barbecues, fishing, and family leisure—not to mention sun tan time out by day and star-gazing in deckchairs by night.

For good night’s sleep, there are three luxury fitted cabins. The master’s quarters are stately with ample headroom, with ensuite bathrooms and showers. Up to six guests can fill out the three rooms with comfort. There is a large lazerette for extra world voyage storage.

The cockpit has been designed with ergonomic factors. New engineering given the hull and decks extra strength and stiffness. This virtual tour shows its plush interior, pleasant windows, and seated dining area.

Overall, the ship is light, agile, and comfortable—a polished pearl inside an oyster. An oyster worth opening for the entire family.