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Exploding Pattaya Style

Feast of Fireworks at Hilton
Exploding Pattaya Style
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Pattaya Hilton

The famous Pattaya International Fireworks Festival is about to explode—and the Hilton Pattaya is well prepared for the parties!

The firework festival is a precursor to, and in honor of, King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s birthday on December 5. Running November 28 and 29, 2015, the firework festival features parades, live music, concerts, and dance performances. Several countries present unique firework displays in the evenings.

One top place to observe the exciting explosions is at the Hilton Pattaya. This resort has created a special two-day feast for the occasion at multiple venues. On their level 14, the Centre Stage at the Edge, they are offering a sumptuous international dinner buffet—as well as a complimentary wine buffet! On their viewing platform Sundeck, they offer a delectable array of barbecue delights with free flow wine, beer, and soft drinks.

Their panoramic Pattaya Bay viewing Hot Seats at Drift package features an a la carte menu, and free flow of wine, beer and soft drinks.Topping the nights is their 34th floor Horizon rooftop restaurant and bar. With comfortable seating, it offers opulent views of the Pattaya skyline. For this explosive occasion, their executive chef Supoj Suwanwong has made an amazing menu. Kick-back at Horizon’s infinity bar and stargazer lounge to start the evenings with a cocktail. Then hunker down for chef Suwanwong’s special courses. They promise to be as exciting and powerful as the two evenings of dynamic pyrotechnics.

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