Peace + Pleasure on the Silk Sea

Libra Rub

Balanced massage on the Hainan to Vietnam voyages
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Star Cruises

The massages will be as smooth as a sea of silk.

That’s right: the new voyages of Star Cruises ship SuperLibra between Hainan and the coast of Vietnam invoke nostalgia of the ancient maritime silk routes. Plus soothing body massages.

Starting November 4, 2015 and running to March 30, 2016, the SuperLibra will be making regular runs to Halong Bay, Dang and Hue, Vietnam.

These two to and three night cruises afford one the ability to pen in multiple massages. The fitness center is fully equipped with European and Asian styled massage options. Guests can also opt for aromatherapy, hot stone, and essential oil massages. This can be combined with both female and male beauty treatments, from anti-aging creams to pedicures. The works. They also have a tantalizing Jacuzzi to unwind in afterwards.

There’s nothing quite like getting your shoulder knots worked on while being on a luxury ship motoring at 20 knots. Especially to such glorious destinations on the coast of Vietnam.

Sailings for Halong Bay last three days and two nights and leave from Haikou, Hainan every Wednesday and Friday. Four day and three night trips leave every Haikou on Sundays to Da Nang and Hue.

After daytrips to local Vietnamese markets and sites, or snorkeling in crystal clear waters, massages are the perfect remedies for long days of exercise.

We think they strike a perfect balance for these enticing cruises. One would expect no less on a ship named after the Greek Zodiac of even scales, the SuperLibra.