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Nautilus by Nature

Auberge Spa Botanica's Seashell Massages
Auberge Spa Botanica's Seashell Massages
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Auberge Discovery Bay

Polished nautilus shells are the secrets of Auberge Spa Botanica.

Rising over the sands of Discovery Bay on Lantau Island, Hong Kong, the 325 suite Auberge Discovery Bay resort offers unique sea themed massages, among many.

One can refresh with Aurberge’s Sea Glow massage. The first 45 minutes entail energetic rubbing of the body with seal salt. Once the skin is glowing, polished seashells are used with soothing essential oils for another 70 minutes of pure bliss. The honor costs HKD 1,590. For few a clams less, at HKD 1,290, one can go for their Warm Seashell Massage. This includes long rubbings with oils and polished seashells that have been warmed up. This massage aims to increase circulation and ease tired mussels. Ahem, muscles….

The Sea Dream massage treatment employs bunchgrass vetiver, chamomile, and sandalwood oils for 90 minutes of semi-slumbered rubbing and kneading. It is aimed at those suffering from sleep problems and who long for a sea of tranquility. It closes with a 30 minute radiance facial. The total price is HKD 1,590.

Auberge at Discovery Bay is just 25 minutes to the Hong Kong International, and is ideal for stopovers arriving or going from travel. It is also a popular Hong Kong staycation destination with the nearby beach, bay, and dining and shopping lined boardwalks. Weddings here are catered too as well with a special seaside chapel. The resort features both mountain and South China Sea view suites with sunken baths. The Spa itself also has glorious sea views and baths—as one would expect with the sort of sea themed massages mermaids and mermen can have.